System Replacement

Heating & cooling system replacement can be expensive; and often needs to be installed right away, and the right way. Solutions Heating & Cooling provides a variety of HVAC options to suit your budget, as well as providing payment plans for all income ranges. Ask us about our flexible payment options!

What system should I invest in?

There are certainly many different systems to consider when looking at installing a new heating and cooling system. There is no easy answer or one solution that suits the circumstances of everyone. But we have provided these details so as to offer some help. Below is a brief explanation of some different systems, their functions and how they improve comfort, energy efficiency, humidity and most of all, your overall satisfaction.

Variable Speed Fan

Many systems above the minimum energy efficiency have a feature that makes a huge difference in comfort and savings. That feature is called a variable speed fan. Instead of just having a full speed feature or completely off, the fan gradually ramps up to max speed. How does that benefit you?

  • Increased comfort. Air is better circulated throughout the home, thus helping reduce temperature swings from room to room. Also, noise levels are lower.
  • Increased dehumidification. Lower humidity in summer equates to higher thermostat set points and lower energy bills.

Better air filtration. Rather than pulling air full speed through the filter for the entire run time, the fan can pull it through at a slower rate, allowing your filter to catch more airborne particles.

Advanced Systems

How do they differentiate from the others? In short, they have a multiple speed compressor. During the times you don’t need your full heating or cooling capacity, which equates to over 90% of the time, it will run on a lower speed. It also works in harmony with a variable speed fan. How does that benefit you?

Maximum comfort, air filtration and dehumidification. Also:

  • Cheapest operating cost
  • Greater overall reliability

Considering the wasted energy on running maximum capacity when it’s not needed, we strongly recommend this type system. Aren’t you glad your vehicle doesn’t have just one speed? You’ll be glad your central heat and air unit does as well…